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Hitting the wall is a term used in endurance sports that means running out of energy. Careful planning before and monitoring during a race is key to avoiding this.

Startups have a lot in common with endurance sports, including the need to strategize, monitor and thus avoid “hitting the wall”.

So, how do we clear these hurdles along the way to startup success? How do we manage not to hit the financial wall and run out of cash?

Oded Zaltsman, Sagent Israel CEO and an endurance sports enthusiast, will share his experience as CFO of an Israeli-US company and provide valuable insights, case studies and tools demonstrating how to maximize your prospects for success and avoid hitting the wall.

Topics will include:Financial planning and fundraising, Cash management, Hedging your funds, Expansion strategy and more.

Sagent is a leading US-Israeli financial management and tax services firm. We provide tech companies of all development stages a unique, yet essential service – often lacking within firms – of high-level financial management, combined with strategic advisory.

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