SpeedMind's Horizon 2020 Webinar Series

עם הגידול בכמות החברות הפונות לקבלת מענקים, התחרות על הכספים הופכת קשה יותר ומורכבת יותר. במקביל, קיים היצע רחב יותר של תוכניות מימון הדורש הבנה מעמיקה בתנאים ובהזדמנויות שכל תוכנית טומנת בחובה. כדי להצליח בתהליך גיוס הכספים, יש צורך בידע מקצועי שיוביל אותך לבניית אסטרטגיית המימון האפקטיבית והמתאימה ביותר לצרכים של החברה שלך.

בכל שבוע נערוך וובינר שיהוה חלק מסמינר המורכב ממספר הרצאות קצרות בתחום נבחר מעולם מענקי המו"פ.
בחודש הקרוב נתמקד בתכנית האירופאית הורייזון 2020 ובכל וובינר יעלה על הפרק נושא חשוב במסגרת הגשת הבקשה וזכייתה. 

רשימת הוובינרים:

1.7.2018 Horizon 2020: SME Phase 1 or SME Phase 2? הסטטיסטיקה לא משקרת

8.7.2018 | החלטתם לגשת לשלב השני (פייז 2)? כל מה שאתם צריכים לדעת על קרן הסיוע

15.7.2018 | פרופיל זוכי השלב השני (פייז 2) – הדרך להצלחה

23.7.2018קיבלתם הזמנה לשלב הראיונות? הכנה וטיפים לבדיקה המקצועית

פרטים נוספים אודות הסמינר פנו אל בלה שראל מנהלת שיווק במחשבה חופשית:

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U.S Federal grants for Clean-tech, Agriculture & Materials

n this meetup we'll introduce you to the funding of Energy companies by means of U.S. grants and contracts. We will present the different agencies in charge of the funding supporting Energy companies research and development activities.

With the growing awareness and discussion regarding alternative energy sources, we have seen increased budgets for R&D in the Energy field. Over the next year, the US government will provide substantial budgets for this exciting field. Various federal offices allocated increasing budgets to support R&D for energy based technologies, including the DOE, DHS, NSF etc.



10:30-12:00 U.S grants for Clean-tech, Agriculture & Materials  ,Mr. Idan Fisher, Professional Manager Eagle Point Funding

For more information, please contact Bella Miller at: [email protected]

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Federal grants for cyber security companies

You are welcome to our next meetup where we'll present the various mechanisms and grants available for Israeli Cyber Companies and Researchers in the U.S.

2017 is going to be a record breaking year for R&D subsidies provided by the US government for Cyber companies and Researchers.

This year continues a trend that began two years ago by President Obama.

Various federal offices allocated increasing budgets to support R&D for various technologies, including the DOD, DHS, NSF etc.

With billions of dollars in government funding available each year, and statistics pointing towards a potential ten-fold return on government investments, through resulting government tender and contracts, government funding is a financial strategy you don't want to discard.


09:30-10:00 Gathering

10:00-11:30 U.S grants for Cyber Technologies, Mr. Ishai Shamir, FreeMind's Professional Department Manager

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4.1.2017 | Hitting the Wall- How to clear financial hurdles in the race for startup success | Google Campus TLV

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Hitting the wall is a term used in endurance sports that means running out of energy. Careful planning before and monitoring during a race is key to avoiding this.

Startups have a lot in common with endurance sports, including the need to strategize, monitor and thus avoid “hitting the wall”.

So, how do we clear these hurdles along the way to startup success? How do we manage not to hit the financial wall and run out of cash?

Oded Zaltsman, Sagent Israel CEO and an endurance sports enthusiast, will share his experience as CFO of an Israeli-US company and provide valuable insights, case studies and tools demonstrating how to maximize your prospects for success and avoid hitting the wall.

Topics will include:Financial planning and fundraising, Cash management, Hedging your funds, Expansion strategy and more.

Sagent is a leading US-Israeli financial management and tax services firm. We provide tech companies of all development stages a unique, yet essential service – often lacking within firms – of high-level financial management, combined with strategic advisory.

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All you need to know about raising funds wisely |Yigal Arnon & Co.|16.1.2017


להרשמה ולפרטים נוספים  לחצו כאן



!GIA TLV 2016 | Government, Investors and Accelerators in one place

You and the GIA – Government, Investors and Accelerators

!Government representatives, Investors, Incubators and Accelerators all in one place

.We are pleased to invite you to GIA 2016, where all of the leading Israeli funding organizations will present the current funding and partnership opportunities

Please note, the session will be held in Hebrew

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08:00 – 09:00  Networking  and Registration

09:00-09:10 Welcome Notes

09:10-09:40 Keynote Speaker: Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan

Big Data’s Impact on Healthcare, Cyber and Society: the Future’s in Maryland

09:40-11:10 Session  #1 – Government Investments and Funding mechanisms

Leading government representatives will present the diverse funding opportunities in Israel, Europe, US & Asia.

11:10 – 12:40 Session #2 – Israeli Technological Incubators

Leading incubators in Israel will present their enterprises and specify the scope of companies they are searching for.

12:40 – 14:10 Session #3 – Private Investors in Israel

In this session, private investors will introduce their activity, market trends and specify the type of companies they are searching to fund.

14:10 – 15:10 Lunch break

15:10 – 16:40 Session #4 – Israeli Technological Accelerators

More than 10 leading local accelerators will offer their services and added value for startup companies.

For more information about this upcoming event, please contact Bella Miller at:

[email protected] , 050-3034597